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Articles on Italy and The Vatican

Laura Bosetti Tonatto, the Woman Who Creates Perfumes for Queen Elizabeth, La Voce di New York, January.
Celebrating Dante's Vision at Rome's Scuderie, Inside the Vatican, January/February.
Love Makes the World Go Round by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, January February.

Laura Bosetti Tonatto: Italy's Most Famous "Nose", Epicurean-Traveler.com, December.
Celebrating the Seventh Centenary of Dante's Death at Romeìs Scuderie, La Voce di New York, November.
Italy's Best Pastry Chef, Salvatore De Riso, by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, November/Decembe.
Of the Amalfi coast's Beaten Track, Inside the Vatican, November/December.
Not to be Missed in Naples, Epicurean-Traveler.com, November.
Teatro Trianon Viviani: Naples Finally has a "Music Temple" to Celebrate its Songs, La Voce di NewYork, November.
Penguin's New Translation of Pincocchio Aims to Recapture Collodi's Original, La Voce di New York, October.
Salvatore De Riso: Italy's Most Famous Pastry Chef Talks About his Creations, La Voce di New York, September.
Why and When to Visit Minori, Epicurean-Traveler.com, September.
Celebrating Christmas in August in Minori, Gem of a Town on the Amalfi Coast, La Voce di New York, September,
Sal De Riso: Still Italy's Most Famous Pastry Chef, Epicurean-Traveler.com, September.
Piranesi and the Knights of Malta, Inside the Vatican, September/October.
Cooking with the Saints by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, September/October.
Cooking with the Saints, Epicurean-Traveler.com, August.
Laura Bosetti Tonatto: Italy's World Famous Nose, Inside the Vatican, July/August.
Basil ("Basilico") in History, Religion, Poetry, and Painting, by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, July/August.
Rome's Aventine Hill Showcases Piranesi and the Glories of the Knights of Malta, La Voce di New York, July.
Why Rome's Aventine Hill is Special, Epicurean-Traveler.com, July.
Basil: In Cuisine, History, Religion, Myths, Poetry, and Art, Epicurean-Traveler.com, June.
Three New Books in English About Italian Cuisine by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, May/June.
Napoleon, Ancient Rome and the Papacy, Inside the Vatican, May/June.
Alberto Blasetti: Il Fotografo del Cibo, La Madia Travelfood, marzo/aprile..
In Defiance of Looters, Pompeii Continues to ba an Archeologist's Treasure Trove, La Voce di New York, April.
On Exhibit: Napoleon's Love of Ancient Rome and His Struggles with the Papacy, La Voce di New York, March.
Waiting to Travel to Italy. These New Cookbooks Will Whet Our Appetite, La Voce di New York, March.
In the Eyes of the Beholders. Inside the Vatican, March/April.
Pompeii's Forerunner of McDonald's by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, March/April.
Three New Books in English about Italian Cuisine, Epicurean-Traveler.com, February.
Museums in Rome Finally Reopen: "In the Eyes of the Beholders" at Palazzo Barberini, La Voce di New York, February.
After Celebrating Food in Famous Paintings, the Uffizi Galleries Turned to Married Love, La Voce di New York, February.
The Uffizi has Added Love to its Food Celebrations, Epicurean-Traveler.com, February.
Food and Chefs through a Lens by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, January-February.
Behold the Sistine Chapel as Never Before, Inside the Vatican, January-February,
Dining and Drinking with the Artists at the Uffizi Galleries, but Only Virtually, La Voce di New York, February.
"Uffizi da Mangiare", Epicurean-Traveler.com, January.
Pompeii's Precursor to McDonald's, Epicurean-Traveler.com, January.
Alberto Blasetti: Italy's Distinguished Food Photographer, Epicurean-Traveler.com, January.

The Story of Italy's Only Christmas Carol, Inside the Vatican, December.
2020's Nativity in St. Peter's Square, Refreshing Change or Sci-Fi Horror Show?, La Voce di New York, December.
Isis and Egyptianizing Rome, KMT, Fall.
Merry Christmas from the Vatican: A Cookbook to Bring Joy in a Sad Year, La Voce di New York, December.
The Vatican Christmas Cookbook by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, December.
The Vatican Christmas Cookbook, Epicurean-Traveler.com, December.
Callaway's "The Sistine Chapel": The Most Ambitious Photographic Project Ever Seen", La Voce di New York, December.
Celebrating St. Francis, Inside the Vatican, November.
Oscar Farinetti, Eataly and Serend!pity by Mother Martha, November.
The Vatican Christmas Cookbook, Epicurean-Traveler.com, November.
"Tu scendi dalle stelle", Italy's Beloved Christmas Carol and How it was Born, La Voce di New York, November.
Caravaggio and His Admirer, Roberto Longhi, Inside the Vatican, October.
At Last Rome's "Il Tuo Vissani" by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, October.
Celebrating Alberto Sordi (1920-2020): A Beloved Roman Icon of Italian cinema, La Voce di New York, October.
Oscar Farinetti: Eataly, FICO and "Serendipity", Epicurean-Traveler,.com, October.
Celebrating St. Francis Today, When His Love for Humanity is Most Needed, La Voce di New York, October.
Roberto Longhi Foundation Exhibits its Caravaggios at Capitoline Museums, La Voce di New York, September.
Church Vs. State, Who Should Own Italy's Religious Art, August/September.
An Oasis in Trastevere by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, August/September.
Religious Hospitality in Italy, Epicurean-Traveler.com, July.
Egypt in Pisa, KMT, Spring.
State vs. Church: The Uffizi Director Provokes Controversy Over Who Owns Sacred Art?, La Voce di New York, June.
The Uffizi's Latest Purchase: A Rare Panoramic Print of Renaissance Florence, La Voce di New York, May.
Meals in Monuments by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, May.
Pope Francis Prays Pandemic Will End, Inside the Vatican, May.
Tables Near Raphael by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, April.
Raphael Superstar, Inside the Vatican, April.
Gli Uffizi Galleries in Florence: How We're Coping with the Covid 19 Pandemic, La Voce di New York, April.
May Pope Francis' Two Miracle-Workers Kill Coronavirus" , La Voce di New York, April.
"Il Canto degli Italiani" Finally Unites Italy During the Coronavirus Crisis, La Voce di New York, March.
Meals in Rome's Monuments, Epicurean-Traveler.com, March.
Raphael, Renaissance superstar, Celebrated in Mega-show, "Raffaello 1520-1483", La Voce di New York, March.
Rome Celebrates Raphael Superstar, Epicurean-Traveler.com, March.
Venice and Its Revered Book Connection Since 1362, La Voce di New York, February.
"He was Sentenced to Death" so Caravaggio Escaped...to Naples, Inside the Vatican, February.
Legendary Eateries in Venice's Piazza San Marco, hostory, Glamour, and Staying Poeer, La Vocie di New York, February.
Historical Eateries in and around Piazza San Marco in Venice, Epicurean-Traveler.com, February.
Prosecco: Pliny the elder's Favorite Drink by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, January.
Raphael and his Friends from Urbino, Inside the Vatican, January.
After Caravaggio: 17th-Century Neapolitan Art on Show in Prato Till April 13, La Voce di New York, January.

The Truth About November 12's acqua alta in Venice, Epicurean Traveler, December.
"Acqua Alta" in Venice. Bonacini Tells the Press Stop Fake News and Exaggerations", La Voce di New York, December.
Mummies: A Journey Into Immortality, KMT, Winter.
Maritozzo: Rome's Only Native-Son Sweet Gets Its Own Celebration, La Voce di New York, December.
"Munbam", Bari's Newest Museum, Takes Us from St. Nick to Santa Claus, La Voce di New York, December.
Bari's Newest Museum, Epicurean-Traveler, December.
Il Maritozzo: Rome's Only Native-Son Sweet, Epicurean-Traveler, December.
Antonio Canova, Supreme Sculptor of his Time, Inside the Vatican, November.
"Seacret"--Rome's Newest Restaurant, by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, November.
The Sweetest Challenge: A judge Tells Us About Twissen's Tiramisù World Cup, La Voce di New York, November.
Update about Twissen's Tiramisù World Championship, Epicurean-Traveler, November.
Russian Icons Now Dispalyed in Florence's Pitti Palace, Insise the Vatican, October.
Happy Birthday, Negroni by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, October.
Commemorating Scultptor Antonio Canova, His Legacy and its Place in History, La Voce di New York, October.
Historic Russian Icons on Display at the Pitti Place for the First Time in 2020, La Voce di New York, September.
"Bulgari: The Story, the Dream", La Voce di New York, September.
The Codex Purpereus: Calabria's Literary Treasure, August/September.
The Codex Pupureus: Calabria's Unique Treasure, La Voce di New York, July.
Italy's Aperitivi: A Guide to their Origins and Popularity, La Voce di New York, July.
"Italy's most Popular Aperitivi, Epicurean-Traveler, July.
Verrocchio: Leonardo's Master, inside the Vatican, June/July.
Tommaso Lacanfora: un lucano vero a Matera, al servizio di Francis Ford Coppola, La Madia Travelfood, giugno.
More Leonardo Celebrations, Inside the Vatican, May.
The "Regola" Are: From Campo de' Fiori into the Ghetto by Mother Marther, Inside the Vatican, May.
How to Celebrate the Genius of Leonardo, 500 Years After His Death, La Voce di New York, May.
Massimo Cifarelli: il pane di Matera, un patrimonio mondiale, La Madia Travelfood, maggio.
Bread in Matera: A World Patrimony by Mother Mrtha, Inside the Vatican, April.
Matera: Erope's Capital of Culture 2019, Inside the Vatican, april.
Il gusto della Basilicata: la cucina autentica di Tommaso Lacanfora,, La Voce di New York, April.
Verrocchio: The Sculptor, the Painter and the Master of Leonardo, La Voce di New York, March.
Tommaso Lacanfora: Lucano In and Outside His Kitchen (Basilicata 3), Epicurean-Traveler.com, March.
Massimo Cifarelli: A Third-Generation Baker, La Voce di New York, March.
Ridiscovered Leonardo, Inside the Vatican, March.
Italian Chef Creates "Food for Thought" by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, March.
Vitantonio Lombardo: Il primo chef stellato a Matera, La Madia Travelfood, March.
Vitanttonio Lombardo: The First Michelin-Starred Chef in Matera, La Voce di New York, March.
Basilicata (Part Two): Massimo Cifarelli: Third-Generation Baker in Matera, Epicurean-Traveler.com, March.
Carnival's Special Foods!, by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, February.
Celebrations for 500th Anniversary of Leonardo's Death, Inside the Vatican, February.
Massimo Cifarelli: Panettiere di terza generazione a Matera, La Voce di New York, February.
Basilicata: "Italy's Best-Kept Secret" (Part One), Epicurean-Traveler.com, February.
Vitantonio Lombardo, il primo cef stellato a Matera, La Voce di New York, January.
Celebrations for 500th Anniversary of Leonardo's Death, La Voce di New York, January.

Eating in Lovely Venice by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, December.
Happy Birthday Jacopo Comin, inside the Vatican, December.
Lucky Foods: New Year's Dishes to Celebrate with Taste, La Voce di New York, December.
Tiramisù or "Pick-Me-Up": The Mamma's Dessert Italians Love the Most, La Voce di New York, December.
"Tiramisù" or "Pick-Me-Up": Italy's Classic Dessert, Epicurean-Traveler.com, December.
Piana degli Albanesi: Heritage and Cannoli by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, November.
Pontormo: Miraculous Encounters: A Three-Venue Exhibit, Inside the Vatican, November.
Best Eating in Venice: Discovering the specialties of Venetian Seafood, La Voce di New York, November.
Flynn McGarry: Il Justin Bieber del Cibo, Uno Chef Prodigio a New York, La Madia Travelfood, November.
Armenia at the Metropolitan Museum and in Venice, La Voce di New York, November.
Leonardo Still Making Headlines, Inside the Vatican, October.
At Pope Francis' Table by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, October.
Jacopo Comin: Probably the Last Great Painter of the Italian Renaissance, La Voce di New York, October.
Giacinto Fanelli: Una Stella Nascente a Bari, La Madia Travelfood, ottobre.
Kenny Dunn: Fondatore CEO di Eating Europe Tours, Pioniere dei Travelfood in Europa, La Madia Travelfood, ottobre.
Piana degli Albanesi: For Its Albanian Culture and the World's Best Cannoli, La Voce di New York, October.
Piana degli Albanesi: for its Albanian Culture and World's Best Cannoli, Epicurean-Traveler.com, September.
Heavenly Bodies, Inside the Vatican, August/September.
Vatican Vatican Cookbook by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, August/September.
Leonardo Da Vinci Still Making Headlines, La Voce di New York, August.
Best of Bari, Epicurean-Traveler.com, July.
Bari: A Place of Pilgrimage for East and West Since 1087, Inside the Vatican, June/July.
When in Rome and Elsewhere by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, June/July.
Buon Appetito Pope Francis! Discovering the Vatican Through Traditions and Food, La Voce di New York, June.
Discovering the Majestic Romanesque St. Nicholas Basilica in Bari, La Voce di New York, June.
Vatican Recipes, Epicurean-Traveler.com, June.
Egizi/Etruschi, KMT, Summer.
Spectacular Sistine Chapel Show, Inside the Vatican, May.
On or Near Via della Conciliazione by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, May.
Kenny Dunn: The Founder and CEO of "Eating Europe Tours", La Voce di New York, May.
Kenny Dunn: The Founder and CEO of "Eating Europe", Epicurean-Traveler.com, May.
All Roads Lead to Rome by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, April.
Don't Miss Rome's Latest Attraction, Epicurean-Traveler.com, April.
Michelangelo's "Last Judgment" Goes Multimedia, La Voce di New York, April.
Celebrating Winckelmann: Father of Modern Archeology, Inside the Vatican, March.
Babington's Tearooms Celebrates Its 125th Birthday, Epicurean-Traveler.com, March.
The Joy of Chocolate by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, March.
Discovering "Roma Maxima", La Voce di New York, March.
All Roads Lead to Rome, Epicruean-Traveler.com, March.
Babington's Tearooms Celebrate 125th Birthday by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, February.
Two Art Collectors and Their Marvelous Collections, Inside the Vatican, February.
Celebrating Winckelmann and Europe's Oldest Museum, La Voce di New York, February.
Marjorie Shaw: An Insider's View of Italy, La Voce di New York, February.
Marjorie Shaw: Insider's Italy Only a Click Away, Epicurean-Traveler.com, February.
"Voglia d'Italia": Collecting Italian Art (1870-1935), La Voce di New York", February.
"A Proper cup of Tea in Rome": Babington's Tearooms Celebrates 125th Birthday, La Voce di New York, January.
Italy's Top Lady Chefs by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, January.
Michelangelo (1475-1564): Divine Draftsman and Designer, Inside the Vatican, January.

Many Feasts for the Eyes, Inside the Vatican, December.
La Buona Forchetta: good food At Fair Prices by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, December.
The Remarkable Discovery of Amenhotep II, KMT, Winter.
"American"Fall Festivies in Italy by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, November.
"UNESCO Honors Neapolitan 'Pizzaiuoli'", La Voce di New York, December.
"Rome in Bernini's Footsteps", La Voce di New York, November.
"Feast for the Eyes in Rome", La Voce di New York,"November.
American" Fall Festivities in Italy, Epicurean-Traveler.com, October.
"Who Invented Cappuccino?, Epicurean-Traveler..com, September.
"'The Egyptian Campaign': An Exhibition in Turin Celebrates the Archeological Adventures of Ernesto Schiaparelli 1903-1920", KMT, Summer.
Rome's New Michelin Stars by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, June/July.
Disapproving Blasphemous Renaissance "Fake News", La Voce di New York, July 19.
Roberto Naldi: Un albergatore nato, La Madia Travelfood, giugno.
Intervista a Stefano Marzetti: Chef Executive Allo Splendide Royal di Roma. La Madia Travelfood, giugno.
A Dinner with a View on History: Rome's Best Rooftop Restaurants, La Voce di New York, June 9.
St. Caesarius, A Medieval Link Between Rome and Arles, Inside the Vatican, May.
Rome's Best Rooftop Restaurants, by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, May.
Rome's New Michelin Stars, Epicurean-Traveler.com, May.
Rome's Best Rooftop Restaurants: "Some Enchanted Evening", Epicurean-Traveler.com, April.
Eateries Near Rome's Leonardo Museums by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, April.
Experiencing Leonardo in Rome, Inside the Vatican, April.,
Leonardo and Rome: The Special Relationship, La Voce di New York, April 9.
Egypt Returns to MANN, KMT, Spring.
Experiencing Leonardo and Nearby Treats in Rome, Epicurean-Traveler.com, March.
Commemorating Canova and Company by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, March.
The Resurrection of Palazzo Barberini and Galleria Corsini, Inside the Vatican, March.
Artemisia Gentileschi and Her Times, La Voce di New York, February 12.
Fast Food Near the Vatican? A McDonald's Opens in a Vatican Building near St. Peter's by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, February.
Rodelio Aglibot "Food Budda" : Creatore di oltre 40 ristoranti nel mondo, Italia compresa, La Madia Travelfood, febbraio.
Artemisia Gentileschi and her Times, Inside the Vatican, February.
Epiphany Celebrations in Italy, by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, January.
Guilty Conscience?, Epicurean-Traveler.com, January.
Holy Cow! The Holy See Rents to McDonald's and The Hard Rock Café, Epicurean-Traveler.com, January.
Holy Cow! The Holy See Rents to McDonald's, La Voce di New York, January 20.
Epiphany in Italy: Befana is the Real Santa, La Voce di New York, January 3.

"Rome's Non-Catholic Cemetery Turns 300 Years Old", Inside the Vatican, November.
"Wild Capers of the Vatican" by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, November.
"'La Spina: 'The Thorn' from Antiquity to Today", Inside the Vatican, October.
"Help Rebuild the Birthplace of Spaghetti all'Amatriciana", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, October.
" Rodelio Aglibot: 'Food Buddha'", Epicurean-Traveler.com, September.
"SOS for the Birthplace of Spaghetti all'Amatriciana", Epicurean-Traveler.com, August.
"Mercy in Ar"t, Inside the Vatican, July/August.
"Caffé Sant'Eustachio and Tazza D'Oro: Rome's Best Coffee", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, July/August.
"The Book in Europe in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
""Rome's Caffè Greco, Italy's Oldest Coffeehouse" by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"FAO Honors Slow Food President Carlo Petrini", Epicurean-Traveler.com, May.
"'L'Orto di Maramao': A 'Rural' Oasis in Central Rome" by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, May.
"Correggio and Parmigianino: Art in Parma in the 16tth Century"", Inside the Vatican, May.
'Il Cortile': Monteverde Vecchio's Homiest Restaurant" by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, April.
"Gianfranco Cardinal Ravasi: President of the Pontifical Council for Culture", Inside the Vatican, April.
"Zenzi Glatt: L'albergatrice che ha scritto la storia imprenditoriale di Merano", La Madia Travelfood, aprile.
"Arnold Pannartz and Konrad Sweynheim: Bringing Gutenberg to Italy, German Life, April/May.
"Basta Pizza and Pasta!": A sampling of Rome's non-Italian restaurants" by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, March.
"Egitto: Splendore Millenario", KMT, Spring.
"Pope Francis on Art", Inside the Vatican, February.
"Me Geisha: Rome's Newest Restaurant" by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, February.
"Europe's Newest Museum: A Unique Repository of Faith, History, and Art, Inside the Vatican, January.
"Basta Pizza e Pasta: Rome's Best Non-Italian Restaurants," Epicurean-Traveler.com, January.

"Panettone: The Story of Italy's Ubiquitous Christmas Cake", Epicurean Traveler.com, December.
"The Met's Christmas Tree and Crèche", Inside the Vatican, December.
"Monsignor Iacobone: Author and Editor", Inside the Vatican, December.
"Panettone: Italy's Ubiquitous Christmas Cake", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, December.
"Divine Beauty: From Van Gogh to Chagall and Fontana", Inside the Vatican, November.
"'Sora Lella': A Roman Institution", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, November.
"IFAD's Recipes for Change" by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican,October.
"The First Four Books Printed in Italy", Inside the Vatican, October.
"IFAD's 'Recipes for Change'", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, October.
"Gondoliers Unite to Protect their 'Venetianess''", Epicurean-Traveler.com, October.
"Zenzi Glatt: Merano's Forever Young Senior Hotelier", Epicurean-Traveler.com, October.
"The Vatican's Brand New Tourist Attraction", Epicurean-Traveler.com, September.
"SOS for Italian Cheese", Epicurean-Traveler.com, September.
"IFAD's 'Recipes for Change'", Epicurean-Traveler.com, September.
"Scientific Mummy Studies at the Vatican", KMT, Fall.
"Additional Restaurants in or Near Monuments: Part One, by Mother Martha, inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Twenty Tapestries Tell the Biblical Story of Joseph", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Rome's Best Gelaterie", Epicurean-Traveler, June.
"Msgr. Iacobone: Holy See's Special Delegate for 'Expo'", Inside the Vatican, May.
Gran Meliá Rome, A Luxury Resort in the Heart of the City, by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, May.
"The Janiculum: Rome's eighth Hill", Epicurean-Traveler.com, April.
"Lorenzo Lotto and Loreto's Artistic Treasures", Inside the Vatican, April.
"'The Easter Egg's Hard Shell Signified the Sealed Door of the Tomb': Easter Eggs and Other Easter Traditions", by Mother Martha,
Inside the Vatican, April.
"The Vatican Mummy Project and It's Discoveries", Inside the Vatican, March.
"Pope Francis Becomes a Sommelier; So Can You", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, March.
"New Light on Egyptology in Milan: From Brera to the Pyramids", KMT, Spring.
"The Rediscovery of Photographer Theodor Kofler", KMT, Spring.
"New Tower Built at North American College", inside the Vatican, February.
"Want a Cheap Room Near The Vatican? Try Via Monte del Gallo", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, February.
"Update on Papal Gastronomy", Epicurean-Traveler.com, February.
"January 21: Wine News from Vatican City and Rome", Epicurean-Traveler.com, February.
"Saint Francis Visits New York", Inside the Vatican, January.
"The Pizza Connection", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, January.
"Gastón Acurío: Ambasciatore Mondiale della Cucina Peruviana, La Madia Travelfood, gennaio.

"The Pierpont Morgan Library's Crusader's Bible", Inside the Vatican, December.
"'Trattoria De Gli Amici' Rome's Restaurant with a Mission", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, December.
"Traveling to Tuscany?", Epicurean-Traveler.com, December 9th.
"Gastón Acurio: Worldwide Ambassador of Peruvian Cuisine", Epicurean-Traveler.com, December 6th.
"Niko Romito: Italy's Only Chef South of Rome with Three Michelin Stars", Epicurean-Traveler.com, November 29th.
"Rome's First Tribute to Hans Memling", Inside the Vatican, November.
"'Hostaria Nerone': A Family-Run Oasis Above the Colosseum", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, November.
"Papal Gastronomy Since St. Peter", Epicurean-Traveler.com, November.
"Paolo Marchi: Creatore e Patron di Identià Golose", La Madia Travelfood, novembre.
"Heinz Beck: Rome's Only Chef with Three Michelin Stars", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, October.
"'Sacred Splendor: Treasures of Palazzo Pitti's Chapel of the Relics'", Inside the Vatican, October.
"Papal Gastronomy Since St. Peter, Inside the Vatican, October.
"Heinz Beck: Twenty Years at 'La Pergola'", Epicurean-Traveler.com, October.
"How the Counter-Reformation Popes Brought New Hope", Inside the Vatican, August/, September.
"Hotel Capo d'Africa: Between the Colosseum and St. John in Lateran, by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"How God's Word Spread Geographically", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Palazzo Cardinal Cesi: In the Heart of Christendom", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Niko Romito: La cucina etica dell'unico chef al sud di Roma con tre stelle Michelin, La Madia Travelfood, luglio.
"Heinz Beck: Vent'Ann a 'La Pergola'", La Madia Travelfood, giugno.
"Gianluca Biscalchin: il primo illustratore, giornalista eno-gastronomico d'Italia nonché aspirante chef, La Madia Travelfood, maggio.
"Residenza Paolo VI: At the Very Heart of Christendom", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, May.
"The Vatican Library Apostolic Library Going Ever More Public", inside the Vatican, May.
"Hotel Michelangelo", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, April.
"Pope John XXIII: Reflections 50 Years Later", Inside the Vatican, April.
"'Il Cantico': A Welcoming Oasis in Rome" by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, March.
"Natalia Tsarkova: Interview with a Papal Portraitist", Inside the Vatican, February.
"Bagna Cauda: Pope Francis' Favorite Dish"by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, February.
"'La Vittoria' by Mother Martha", Inside the Vatican, January.
"Antoniazzo Romano: The Leading Rome-Born Renaissance Painter", Inside the Vatican, January.

"Annie Féolde: La Prima Donna Chef con Tre Stelle Michelin in Italia,", La Madia Travelfood, dicembre.
"Jean-Pierre Grallet: Archbishop of Strasbourg", Inside the Vatican, December.
"Annie Féolde: The First Woman Chef in Italy with 3 Michelin Stars", Epicurean-Traveler.com, October.
"Tyndaris: 'The City of Mary'," inside the Vatican, October.
"Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of Pope Leo X's Election", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"Illuminating Faith: The Eucharist in Medieval Life and Art", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"The Birth of Italian Renaissance Art", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Francesco Apreda: Da 10 Anni Executive Chef Dell'Hassler a Roma", La Madia Travelfood, giugno.
"Francesco Apreda: Celebrating Ten Years as The Hassler's Executive Chef", Eipicurean-Traveler.com, June.
"Titian: A long Awaited Retrospective Not to Be Missed", Inside the Vatican, May.
"St. Peter's Journey: The Meaning of Faith", Inside the Vatican, April.
"The Edict of Milan's 1700th Anniversary", Inside the Vatican, March.
"Marino Marini: il renaissance man della cucina italiana," La Madia Travelfood, marzo.
"Michele Lirosi: il co-fondatore e -proprietario del primo agriturismo didattico della Sicilia", La Madia Travelfood, gennaio/febbraio.
"Marino Marini: the Renaissance Man of Italian Cuisine", Epicurean-Traveler.com, January.

"Michele Lirosi: co-Founder and Owner of Italy's First Agriturismo", Epicurean-Traveler.com, December.
"His Eminence Dominik Cardinal Duka of the Czech Republic", Inside the Vatican, December.
"Bernini: The Popes' artist in Baroque Rome", Inside the Vatican, November.
"Turin's Museo Egizio in Transition", KMT, Winter 2012-13.
"André-Joseph Léonard: Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and Primate of Belgium," Inside the Vatican, October.
"Davide Scabin: Food designer e ingegnere culinario per autodefinizione", La Madia Travelfood, ottobre.
"Felice Sgarra; Lo chef rivelazione 2012," La Madia Travelfood, settembre.
"Quilling: Devotional Creations from Cloistered Orders", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"Felice Sgarra: 2011's Winner of RAI-TV's 'La Prova del Cuoco'", Epicurean-Traveler.com, July.
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